This apparatus is meant for determination of softening point of Bituminious materials according . Softening point is that temprature at which the speciman under test becomes soft enough to allow a steel ball of specific dimension to fall a required distance under test condition . The apparatus consists of glass beaker,ring stand two steel balls with ring and ball guides & hand stirrer.

    • Softening Point Apparatus(without glass beaker)
    • Softening Point Apparatus(with glass beaker)
    • Softening Point Apparatus (Ring & Ball Apparatus),with electric motorised stirrer and electric heater ,stand with temperature regulator.
    • Softening pointapparatus with motorised stirrer , electric heated by concealed hot plate with temperature regulator.

Optional Accessories:


    1. Thermometer  60C.
    2. Thermpmeter 61C.
    3. Spare Concealed Hot Plate
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Determining the Viscosity of cut back Bitumen and road oil. It consists bath with cup of 10mm or 4mm erific and sleeve stirrer with ball lifting clip and ball. The assembly is kept on suitable stand with levelling screws. Suitable to operate on 220 Volts AC mains.


  • Electric heated (without control)
  • Electric heated with separate energy regulator control.
  • Electric heated with solid state electronic regulator.
  • Electric heated with voltage varric copper coil type.
  • Electric Heated with digital temperature controller cum indicator.
  • Multiple Tar Viscometer for 6 test cups with thermostate control & FHP electric motor stirrer.
  • Multiple Tar Viscometer for 6 test cups Apparatus with digital temprature controller cum ¬†indicator & FHP electric motor stirrer.

Optional Accessories :


  1. Spare silver plated orifice cup 10 mm or 4 mm.
  2. Flask receiver 100 ml capacity.
  3. Polished carrying wooden case.

Thermometer 8C.

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